TRISTAR Stick&Hand Vacuum cleaner

> SKU: SZ-1917

Auto Voltage

Lithium battery Power: 9.6 V

Charge/Use: 8hr/13min

Warranty: 3 months on all parts and labor

NAƒ 215.00



The Tristar SZ-1917 Stick Vacuum Cleaner is perfect when you are looking for a cordless vacuum cleaner that you can take anywhere without a cord bothering you. It is provided with a detachable dustbuster so you will have two functions in one.

Rechargeable battery
The Tristar stick vacuum cleaner works on a powerful rechargeable battery with 9.6 Voltage. You can easily charge the stick vacuum cleaner by placing it on the charging station. When it is fully charged, you can use the stick vacuum cleaner cordless for 13 minutes. It is also very suitable to use while camping thanks to the possibility to charge it and the light weight.

Practical in use
The Tristar stick vacuum cleaner is provided with a dust container that you can empty and has 0.5 litres volume. The filter is washable so you can easily clean it under the tap, that way it is clean in no time and suitable for re-use. The suction power will improve after washing the filter. The two-in-one function offers extra convenience: you can easily remove the dustbuster in order to use it for instance to clean up some crumbs.

Turbo brush
The Tristar stick vacuum cleaner is provided with a turbo brush to give the best results in a short time. The brush is flexible and can bend 180⁰ so you can reach every corner. The turbo brush is rotating in order to remove even the most persistent dirt. Various accessories are included to vacuum clean skirting and furniture as well.

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