TRISTAR Bagless Compact Vacuum Cleaner

> SKU: SZ-2174

Bin Capacity: 2 Lt

Energy Efficiency: B

Energy Consumption: 33.9 kWh/Yr

Noise level: 75 dB

Warranty:  3 months on all parts and labor

NAƒ 175.00



The Tristar SZ-2174 Vacuum Cleaner is very compact in size which make it easy to handle and allows you to easily move or store the vacuum cleaner. It is bagless and the dust is collected in a 2 litres reservoir. Ut is a very powerful vacuum cleaner which works excellent on different types of floors.

The vacuum cleaner has no bag and a reservoir in which the dust is collected. This reservoir has 2 litres volume and you can easily empty it in the bin when it is full. Therefore, you will save money on the purchase of vacuum cleaner bags. You will never again have to replace a dirty or annoying bag and that makes the vacuum cleaner even more convenient in use.

The Tristar SZ-2174 vacuum cleaner is lightweight and easy to move, while it takes up little space so it is easy to store. The compact size does not detract from its suction power and it is provided with a very efficient multifunctional brush that allows you to use the vacuum cleaner on different types of floors. The vacuum cleaner has class A when it comes to dust pick up on hard floors and class D for dust pick up on carpet.

The Tristar vacuum cleaner is very practical in use. Thanks to its HEPA filter, the dust re-emission is cleaner and you will be less bothered by fine dust or allergies. The vacuum cleaner is quite economical and thus falls into energy class B. The Tristar vacuum cleaner is a very compact, powerful and practical addition to your household.

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