LG 601 L Side-by-Side door-in-door Refrigerator


Voltage/Frequency: 220V/50Hz

Capacity: 601 Liters / 21 Cubic Feet

Energy Consumption: 479 kWh/Yr

Energy Efficiency: A+

Dimensions (hxwxd): 179 x 91 x 74 cm

Warranty: 2 years on all parts and labor – 5 years on compressor

NAƒ 3,745.00



The GSJ-461DIDV is an American refrigerator from LG. Thanks to the enormous capacity of 601 liters you can organize everything better and store it smarter. With the Door-in-Door function you can grab your drinks and snacks more easily than ever. Thanks to the advanced thin frame, you benefit from 9% more storage space.
The Moist Balance Crisper ensures that excess moisture from vegetables and fruit evaporates and condenses on the grids. This means that there is no puddle of water around your food, but the condensation is evenly returned to the food. That way you keep the right moisture balance.
The unique Inverter Linear Compressor uses a linear compressor, resulting in less internal friction. In addition, the refrigerator is also equipped with the Total No Frost system.

Pack your drinks and snacks easier than ever with the Door-in-Door function of your LG American fridge. It has a thin frame so that you enjoy 9% more storage space. Perfect to better organize your refrigerator, but also to lose less cold air.

Save up to 32% energy thanks to the Inverter Linear compressor of your LG refrigerator. And with the Door-in-Door technology you lose up to 46.5% less cold air. Nice for the environment and for your portfolio!

The freezer section of this LG Refrigerator is equipped with the No-Frost technology. So you no longer have to defrost. In terms of maintenance, it couldn’t be better ;-).

The water reservoir of the LG GSJ-461DIDV was designed to easily pour water into it. And it has a capacity of 4 liters.
No water connection required


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